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Sonic Staffing Solutions

Virtual Assistance. When You Need It

Why choose Sonic Staffing Solutions

Our experienced human resource team is comprised of specialists who are ready to serve your staffing needs around the clock. We provide staffing services nationwide 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Where are you? In what time zone? Who cares? We are right there when you need us.

We take out the risk of hiring time and practices. We handle interviewing processes, vetting, payroll, taxes, conversion exchanges and team management.

About Us

The Expert Adviser

The interests of our clients are always our first priority.


We go above and beyond to make sure they get the results they need.

Whether you’re about to launch a new project, need temporary team assistance due to vacations, leave or illness, need advice on expanding your business, or would like a timely tip on matters big or small, we are your go-to source.


Contact us today to set up a consultation and find out more about what Sonic Staffing Staffing Solutions can do for you. 

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Our Services

Our Services

Online Business

Real Estate VA

  • Generates more leads for you, builds your database and makes the most out of your sphere of influence.

  • Ensures you keep in touch with all your clients

  • Confirms the appointments you would set yourself with them

  • Finds agents for sellers working with you

  • Manages and posts your listings to your social media page(s)s

  • Manages your emails

  • Designs brochures for the properties

Social Media  Manager

  • Creating social media advertising campaigns

  • Formulating high-quality novel written and visual content for each social media campaign

  • Building a social media presence by maintaining a solid and consistent online presence

  • Monitoring the company's brand across social media platforms

  • Building brand awareness by engaging relevant influencers

  • Managing our online communities to ensure respectful and appropriate engagement

  • Responding to comments on each of our accounts

  • Overseeing customer service provided via social media

  • Analyzing data to determine whether social media campaigns have achieved their objectives

  • Coaching employees company-wide on relevant and appropriate content creation practices

Executive Assistant

  • Manages your calls and emails

  • Acts as the point of contact between you and your executives, employees and clients

  • Facilitates internal communication (e.g., distributes schedules)

  • Promptly responds to your managers’ queries on your behalf

  • Plans your appointments and events

  • Makes travel arrangements

  • Assists in streamlining and creating more efficient ways to run your business

  • Reviews and updates  company policies and procedures

App Developer

Ready to find out more?

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