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Why Choose Sonic Staffing Solutions?

01. Saves You Time

Absences, vacations, illness and special projects can leave you scrambling to find assistance and replacements. Sonic Staffing saves you time  interviewing and recruiting applicants. Just one phone call is all it takes to get the right person.

02. Saves You Money

Partnering with Sonic Staffing eliminates your recruitment and hiring costs.
No payroll deduction, incentives, WSIB claims, benefits or severance costs of any kind.
We cover all employment related costs.

03. Provides Flexibility

With Sonic Staffing on your side, you will easily be able to adapt to  market demands within your industry. When expanding your company production , you can rely on Sonic Staffing to be there for you every step of the way.

04. Peace Of Mind

Our 24-7 employer hotline ensures we do not give up opportunities to provide  excellent service to you. When you need Sonic Staffing, we will be there for you. We are ready with skilled talent ready to work

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